January 5, 2009

2009 Goals

It's a New Year and a new beginning to your financials! I have to admit that I always spend time making a budget then I follow it for about a month and then it's forgotten. This year I am GOING to make a budget and stick to it!!

I am also going to:

Max out my Roth IRA ( Contribution limits for 2009 is $5,000 if you are age 49 and below and $6,000 if you are above 50).

Contribute to 401K (at least up to my employer's match)

Open a 529 Savings

Contribute to my Emergency Fund

Pay towards the Student Loan principle

I am sick of the student loan payments always going to the interest rate. I WILL make a dent in that loan!

What are your goals for the New Year?

1 comment:

  1. Hey - nice blog! Was wondering where you were at with the debt payments - 50% seems way too high! Assuming that's minimum payments anyway. I am probably about 50% of my income to debt every month, but that's WAY over my minimum.

    I highly reccomend Dave Ramsey. I did a lot of what you are doing, trying to pay stuff down and do retirement at once. Of course, I was buying retirement funds when the market was high. Now, when it's low I still have the debt. Work on 1 thing at a time and you will feel the progress and intensity.