January 19, 2009

How Far is Too Far?

I know being frugal and watching what you buy is a vital part of saving. How far is going too far to save a few dollars?

One thing that I always thought was wrong is when you go to eat but don’t leave a tip. We will go out to eat and this girl I know, let’s call her X, doesn’t leave a tip!! NO tip! Everyone will be scrambling to see if they have a couple of dollars to pitch in but she just pays for her food. If you are too cheap to leave a tip then don’t go to a restaurant. Simple. Get a carry out, go to fast food, eat at home! I just feel this is so wrong, I mean…waiters/waitresses don’t make enough without the tip so I feel like we are ripping them off. If they didn’t serve you well or were rude to you or spit in your food then I understand but to just not leave a tip to save money?

What do you think? Is this going too far or no? What bothers you the most?


  1. that is not right. you HAVE to tip, even if just a little - that person is working their a$$ off to serve you, so i find it totally disrespectful not to :(

    i'm all for being frugal, but that is def. too far. drink water and/or skip one beer if you don't have the money to tip.

  2. This is one of my "money-saving" pet peeves ... I agree, don't go out to eat if you're not going to leave a tip. Don't take it out on the servers!

    We go out to eat perhaps once every 2 weeks, which not only saves us money but makes the meals even more enjoyable because we view them as a treat!

  3. I can't understand that mentality at all. She must be self-centered and have an attitude of entitlement. I have been eating out almost never these days, but when I do, I err on the side of large tips (start at 15% and round it way up.) I find it easier to be generous when I buy less food and go out less often - I figure that's a lot less I'm spending in tips, so why not drop more on the lucky recipient of the extra-fat tip? I guess this is the opposite attitude that your friend has. I don't blame the servers for my money problems - I know full well that to get my financial house in order, I should rarely or never eat out but that's not the server's fault, so they aren't going to be punished.

  4. J. Money: Exactly!

    RainySaver: It's one of my pet peeves also!

    444: It's nice that you go out once in a while and view it as a treat!